Host Ranter

Breandan McGhee

The Reel Rants brains and beauty is brought to life by this fine gentleman. If he has a super hero origin story it most defiantly began while on a couch staring into the abyss of a television. Oh yeah...And he is also a current Student at the University of Victoria studying English and, of course, Film! 


Co-Ranter Host Guy (with a Beard)

Matt Herring

He would like to be referred in length as the "Reserve Co-Host Ranter Extraordinaire with a Beard" when ever addressed. Matt is The Reel Rant's helpful hand/mediocre superhero of the podcast. He swoops in when needed (which is quite often). If you want to know about Matt Herring, just read Breandan's bio. They studied the same thing, and have been to the same university. They are pretty much the same in every way, except Matt is taller.


Co-Ranter Host Guy

Corey McEwen

The Illustrious Sexy Boy of The Reel Rant Podcast. This goofy dude enjoys the finer things of life such as practicing his laugh and napping  while watching films. Half Aussie, half Scot, a cool guy for sure...And Breandan's personal project serf.



Co-Ranter Host Guy (with Spectacles)

Nick Carter-DesBiens 

The Spectacle with Spectacles. The business man of The Reel Rant operation. You need stuff done? He's your dude. He's also got a great voice always trying to find that comedic meaning in everything. Don't be afraid of this kids intense stare, he's a teddy bear at heart. Nick studied Film and English at the University of Victoria.