The Hateful Eight - Rant #8

Hello Rantaineers! Happy Holidays, or (for those who celebrate Christmas) Merry Christmas. We've got one! Finally! A Quentin Tarantino film! The well spoken Jesse James McGhee, one of Breandan's crazy cool brothers, graces The Reel Rant Podcast with his presence this week with his pick The Hateful Eight. We are all very excited over at The Reel Rant to give you this episode! We lasso the crap out of this film, really focusing on this old and new style of filmmaking in this particular pick. As well we discuss the Chekhov's gun theory or principle. We have changed up the show a bit and discuss that, as well we talk a little about where we are headed in the new year with the show. We mention one little bit of news regarding the potential The Office revival. Say what? We also discuss Godless again, and a new show on Netflix called Manhunt: Unabomber. We hope you enjoy this one! And if you know who poisoned the water hole, please give us a shout. Thanks outlaws! 

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Next week's New Years episode will be Good Will Hunting

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