Beach Pillows (Featuring: Director Sean Hartofilis) - Rant #21

Hello Rantaineers! We've got a great one this week! A bit long, but very much worth it we would like to think, and hope you do to! Our special guest this week is Sean Hartofilis, the films director. If you haven't heard of this dude, start paying attention because he's a pretty cool cat! Or dog? We never asked which one he preferred. Maybe will ask him the next time he's on the show!

Sean is also right now screening his new film Covadonga at a bunch of different places around the world. To keep up with him, and find out where he might be showing it next follow him on twitter  @BeachPillows . Also! Click the link below for the trailer for his new film Covadonga.

Enjoy the episode!

Next week's episode we will be discussing Edgar Wright's film Scott Pilgram vs. The World- "Bread makes you fat?"

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