Paris, Texas - Rant #32

Hello Rantaineers and film lovers alike. This episode is a special one as we have a new member of the team to announce. Please join us in welcoming Amy Anderson! We are so pleased to have Amy and her awesome perspectives  on film accompany the rest of the crew in the episodes to come. For Amy's "Welcome to The Reel Rant Crew!" episode she has chosen a film very close to her. Paris, Texas. In our discussion this we  explore family dynamics and how they differ greatly from one person to another. We also discuss the unique camera work of the film, and beautifully scenery it is able to capture.

Next week's episode we will be discussing Paul Shoulberg's film The Good Catholic. This episode is very exciting because we got to sit down with Paul, and talk to him about his film! So stay tuned for that! "I wanted to see him so bad that I didn't even dare imagine him anymore.

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