The Green Mile - Rant #6

Hello Rantaineers! We are back this week with a feely feels episode with our friend, the legendary sexy Brooklyn boi, Colin. He likes to make coffee in his spare time with the shows Host Ranter, Breandan. Thats all he likes to do. He has no hobbies. He just values, above all else, his relationship with Breandan, and makin those sweet, sweet, cups of joe with his boi! This week, Colin has chosen The Green Mile. Great film with lots of feels, as previously stated, but it's warranted to say this again. We get really into metaphors this episode in relation to this weeks flick! We also get a bit into are thoughts on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and how all thats going. We discuss the upcoming film Bohemian Rhapsody, and stuff going down with the making of it. We bring up Quentin Tarantino again...He's making a new Star Trek film...As far as we have come to understand. Finally, we talk a little bit about the other upcoming film You Were Never Really Here, starring...Joaquin Phoenix. He was in The Master...Just in case you forgot. Breandan really likes this film. Hope you enjoy the show this week! 

Next week's episode we will be discussing Star Wars: A New Hope. Corey and Breandan got early tickets to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, so there will be a **SPOILER FREE** discussion of that as well.

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